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In games, use Arrow Keys to control direction, and Space to jump/fire.

In some browsers, audio output is disabled until the first click, key press or touch.

Games usually require to press Space or 1 in the intro screen to start the actual game.

To load you own files, start one of the system emulators and drag'n'drop local files into the browser window. It's best to use the UI versions of the emulators for this because this allows you to enable and disable the joystick emulation as needed. See below for system-specific loading- and starting instructions.

When files are successfully loaded, the border will flash green for a short moment, or red when an error is encountered.

KC85/2, /3 and /4:

Esc is mapped to the KC85's BRK key, use this to get out of 'modes' (e.g. BASIC's AUTO mode).

Use Shift+Backspace to clear the screen.

The KC85 emulators supports the following file formats:

The snapshot files are usually autostarting, otherwise type the command MENU to list the snapshot's command name.

Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad CPC supports the following file formats:

BIN and SNA files are autostarting. For DSK files first type the CAT command to list the disc content, then start the right program with RUN"filename[Enter]. For TAP files simply type RUN"[Enter].

ZX Spectrum:

In games that require to select a joystick type, select Kempston.

The ZX Spectrum emulator supports the following file formats:

Acorn Atom:

The Acorn Atom emulator supports the following file formats:

After dropping a TAP file on the emulator, simply type *LOAD[Enter] to load and start the program.

Z1013 and Z9001:

The Robotron Z1013 and Z9001 emulators support the following file formats:

The Z80 snapshot files usually start automatically after dropping them into the emulator.


The C64 emulation currently supports PRG and TAP files.

When loading TAP files, after the first short loading phase, when Found [Game Name] is displayed, you can press Space to proceed to the next phase.

PRG files usually need to be started via RUN, this may also be required for TAP files after an initial loading phase.

In Boulderdash C64, when the first animated intro screen appears, press F1 to proceed, then Space to start the game.