A few words about the current state of Nebula2:
  • Nebula2 is now considered stable, that means no big changes will be done to the Nebula2 code base, except for maintenance, optimizations and ports.
  • We recently added XACT support to Nebula2.
  • Development focus has shifted to Mangalore, our high-level game framework, and Nebula3, the next big version of the Nebula Device.
  • We created a stripped down Nebula2 version at Radon Labs (dubbed Nebula Embedded), and ported it to the Nintendo DS (internally called Nebula DS). There is currently a team at Radon Labs working on a title for the Nintendo DS.
  • Nebula3 will have 3-layer architecture, with the core and graphics subsystems rewritten completely, and Mangalore integrated as the high-level application layer.
  • More details on Nebula3 soon on this blog...