This is the blog and personal web page of Andre Weissflog.

I work at Bigpoint in Berlin, mostly on the engine technology behind Drakensang Online.

Over the years I have helped build and ship a bit over 30 game projects at Radon Labs and Terratools.

In my precious spare time I’m mostly doing multi-platform open-source stuff involving C/C++, Python, Rust, emscripten, WebAssmebly, OpenGL, D3D, Metal and whatever strikes my fancy.

My most interesting github projects are:

  • Oryol: a lean cross-platform 3D rendering framework
  • fips: a high-level build system wrapper
  • sokol: standalone platform abstraction headers
  • chips: standalone 8-bit chip emulator headers
  • YAKC: yet another KC85 emulator
  • rz80: a Z80 emulation lib written in Rust