I finally found out the one and only proper way to display gamer cards and I feel stupid now. It's as easy as linking to http://gamercard.xbox.com/flohofwoe.card. They should really advertise this somewhere on the main page. Less bells and whistles then the mygamercard.net version, but I like it better, because it's simpler but still gives some useful info on mouse-over. I spent most of the weekend playing Dynasty Warriors 5 - Empires as you can see. I didn't expect so much fun from the game, as most reviews trashed it really badly. But I saw it for 30 Euro at my local game shop and gave it a try. It's true, the graphics would look shitty even on the old Xbox, and the game-play is repetitive. But for some reason it is damn addictive. Not quite Crackdown-addictive, but still playing-til-6a.m.-addictive. It plays like a bizarre mixture of Powermonger, Z and Ninja Gaiden. Ok, maybe Powermonger is a bit far out, but it *could* be a next-gen Powermonger if it wanted to dammit. Now that would be great.