What a delicious game! It's one of those rare cases where a great idea (evil Pikmins) actually turns into a great game. There are so many odds against such an "old-school" game-design-centric cross-genre game (most importantly finding a publisher which is willing to take the risk, usually your name has to be Miamoto or Wright if you show up at a publisher with a game concept like this...) that it seems like a little wonder to me that this little gem actually saw Gold. There must be 50 similar projects which didn't make it past the prototype stage. Go out and buy this game, something like this only happens once every 3 years or so :)

PS: I'm trying to get a new Nebula3 source release out the door ASAP. Still no 3d rendering though, there are some delays on the rendering code due to the Xbox360 work and I'm also very busy working on Drakensang at the moment.