A couple of interesting things have happened recently here at the labs:
  1. Nebula3 has now the status of an official Radon Labs project, which means it has a budget and two of our elite-veterans (Johannes and Malte) will start working fulltime on Nebula3. This will accelerate development immensely. One or even two prototype projects will accompany N3 development which will define clear "real-world-goals" for feature planning. I feel this is exactly the right time to add manpower because all the important architectural decisions have happened, and now it's time to (a) broaden the feature set, and (b) start to revise and "port" Nebula2 and Mangalore subsystems which don't need a complete redesign.
  2. Our first Wii devkit has arrived (actually, it arrived already a few weeks ago), and now with the additional forces added to N3 development, we're going to start a Wii N3 version which will be developed side by side with the 360- and PC-version.