I recently had to wipe and setup my notebook (it's amazing how fast it feels now again, XP really does rot over time), and with it went the pre-installed Microsoft Office (which I just noticed today). But from time to time I have to write a proper document, nothing fancy, all I usually require is to structure the document with different types of headings, and to insert an image or a table here and there. I'm also often switching between my private notebook which I carry around everywhere and my work desktop, which sometimes involves copying said documents around manually. So in lack of an installed MS Word I gave Google Docs a try, and so far I like it. It even makes a nice blog editor, the builtin Blogger editor messes up source code for instance, but with Google Text everything is ok:

Ptr<MyNS::MyClass> myObj = MyNS::Create();
IndexT i;
for (i = 0; i < myObj->NumItems(); i++)
// a comment
Instead of Tab, one must use the "Indent More" and "Indent Less" functions, otherwise the indents will disappear when exporting to Blogger, but all in all this is a huge step forward from Blogger's builtin editor.

Let's see if tables work as well:


Nice :)