I have developed a serious addiction to COD4 multiplayer. Usually I'm not that big into competitive multiplayer, but I'm having my phases. Back in the old days, it was Counter Strike, a few years later I was excessively playing Battlefield2, and now for the last couple of weeks I'm totally hooked to COD4. On a console. With a game-pad. I tried the competitive multiplayer portions of Gears Of War, Rainbow Six Vegas and Halo3 before, and none of them really ticked with me in multiplayer like the old-school PC shooters. But COD4... one match did it. The reason - I think - is because COD4 is the love-child of CS and BF2, my two favorits of the past. Sessions feel very fast-paced, with an initial rush to the control-points, just like in CS. The class system and up-leveling is more like BF2, but it's more back-to-the-roots, especially the class system, which doesn't feature advanced classes like medics or engineers, instead, all classes are strictly offensive. Every single feature is extremely polished, and everything which would hinder the flow and speed of the game has been removed. And my personal killer-feature: you don't have to communicate a lot. Nothing breaks the immersion more then some jerks talking about some completely unrelated shit like their last GameStop-visit during a Team Deathmatch in some destroyed middle-eastern city. Fortunately the game plays just as well without headset. Big win.