I finally got the game! I ordered the UK version because NG2 isn't available in Germany anyway. I just rushed quickly through the first 2 chapters yesterday evening and holy shit this game is epic. DMC4 was fun, but NG2 is simply on a whole different level in every aspect (yeah, I'm a biased Ninja Gaiden fanboi but anyway...).

One thing I noticed immediately is that the rythm of the game is a bit different then Ninja Gaiden Black. It was a bit harder for me to pull off an Inazuna Drop in the beginning. Ryu's control feels a bit heavier (or one could say, a little bit more realistic). And Jesus are the enemies aggressive right from the beginning. Hold a block for more then 2 seconds and the bastards will rip you apart :o) But due to the new partial life regeneration and plenty of save points, the game feels a bit easier in Way Of The Warrior compared to NGB on Normal difficulty (so far at least).

The gore is a bit too over the top for my taste. Nothing against some blood-spilling, but I felt a bit uneasy after I had reduced a group of 10..20 spider-clan ninjas into a bloody heap of arms, legs and torsos and some glibberish things which I don't want to inspect too closely. At least for the first time. Afterwards it becomes kind of a routine. This is basically the game version of Kill Bill (wow, how cool would that be: playing as a yellow-clad Uma Thurman through NG2...).

I love this game.