I have removed the PSN "Portable ID" on the left side. Seems like it's just a static display for my user name and avatar picture doh... And I can't believe that Sony doesn't let me download (buy even!) additional gamer pictures from PSN (or I simply didn't find them? even after the re-design it isn't exactly easy to find stuff on the PSN shop, even though there's not THAT much stuff there). I'd really love to have an MGS4 gamer pic. It's all those little "un-important" things which make me appreciate the online-integration of the 360 (on the other hand, if I had gone straight from the PS2 to the PS3 I probably wouldn't even care, but the 360 really has spoiled me). Sony really needs to get all this simple and obvious stuff fixed first instead of wasting their time and resources on Home IMHO.