1. Read somewhere on the Internets that Infamous demo is on PSN.
  2. Turn on PS3.
  3. “A system update is available”.
  4. Stare for an eternity at a very slowly growing bar indicating not only the current download status but also my growing anger level.
  5. Stare for another eternity at another status bar which says that its installing the update or something…
  6. Contemplate how the PS3 feels more and more like a fucking IBM-PC connected to a 9600 baud analog modem.
  7. Finally! Hurry into the PSN shop, try to make sense of the confusing layout, until (after what feels like another eternity) it slowly dawns on me that the European shop (or German shop, or whatever other obscure region got the fist up its ass this time) does in fact NOT have the demo which (maybe) is only on the Japanese shop (or Americanese, or Papua-New-Guineaese, Kamerunese or whatever other region is lucky this time).
  8. Turn off the PS3 while shaking head in frustration thinking about how internet commerce ought to be the future and wipe out boxed products completely. Somebody should tell the bean counters and lawyers that the internet simply wasn’t designed with national borders in mind.

It’s seldom enough that I feel like turning on my PS3, but being greeted with a fucking system update which takes forever to download (and install!) every single fucking time is a huge *fucking* TURNOFF! At least on the PC, I can continue to do other things while Windows is updating.

To be fair, Microsoft isn’t any worse when it comes to denying us Germans the good stuff, but at least I can check MajorNelsons webpage for the all-to-common “Not available in Germany” message before spending forever looking for the download on the Marketplace. And system updates are just not an issue on the 360. The last one (the NXE update) took under 2 minutes to download (and install, might I add), and unlike a typical PS3 system update, the changes are usually visible to the user.